As an extension of its broadcasting operations, the radio station recognises the need to host functions relevant to the community. It is also an opportunity for the radio to interact with its listenership, strengthening the symbiotic relationship. It creates revenue generating opportunities for both the radio station and the local business community. The successful hosting of such events gives corporate businesses like Bokomo (ProNutro), Tigerbrands, Oasis Asset Management, Pakco, etc. the confidence to spend their advertising budget with community radio stations like Radio 786. This enhances the relationship between the business and community broadcasting sectors, and empowers the local business sector.  Through these initiatives Radio 786 involves various stakeholders in its media operations.  Some examples of such events are:


Radio 786 Health Fair:

This year marked the tenth annual Radio 786 Health Fair, which has become a permanent feature on Capetonians’ events diary. The Fair developed from Radio 786’s Healthwise programme, which introduces listeners to alternative healers in the community. Therapies, such as Shiatsu, Bowen Technique and Hot stone therapy amongst others, are provided at a reduced rate at the Fair. People are also offered free advice on whatever health-related queries they may have. The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb also provides a holistic approach to healthy living, and uses the Radio 786 Health Fair as a means to meet and share their knowledge with the community. The Fair also provides the public access to mainstream medical institutions such as the Islamic Medical Association, Western Province Blood Service and the University of the Western Cape Sport Science Department, Blood Service, and the University of the Western Cape.                                               

Recently Radio 786 introduced the 7.86 km run/walk as a part of the Health Fair. The 7.86km run / walk invites Capetonians to engage in a healthier lifestyle through exercise. The City of Cape Town partnered with Radio 786 in this regard, as part of the City’s plan for a healthier Western Cape by 2017. 

Diabetes South Africa was a beneficiary of this event.  


Radio 786 Ramadaan Expo:

The Radio 786 Ramadaan Expo is an event that offers both our listeners and business community an opportunity to enjoy the spiritual and cultural aspects of this auspicious month.  It also encourages the community to support local business and invites people of different faiths to explore Islam.


Welcome Hujaaj:

Welcoming the hujaaj (pilgrims) home from Makkah after the annual hajj is a tradition that has been observed regularly over the years. The Welcoming Hujaaj programme formalises that tradition with speeches and accounts by persons of all ages who have embarked on this significant experience. The event is normally attended by more than a 1000 people and it has been hosted for the past 13 years. Investment Company, Oasis Asset Management, has sponsored the event for the past 10 years.

Radio 786 during the last decade has realised the spiritual journey for deserving community members who under normal circumstances would not be able to afford the journey. Radio 786 has paid for costs of 19 members of the community to realise this dream.


Annual Gala Dinner:

Our Gala Dinners has become a sought after event, where both advertisers and listeners look forward to an occasion to enjoy a relaxing evening with good food, great entertainment and an opportunity to network with other corporate in the company of Radio 786 staff and the presenters.


Fasting for the Love of Allah:

This event promotes and encourages children from the ages of five and older to fast during the month of Ramadaan. Children are honoured for participating in the holy month. They receive a certificate, signed by their parents and Radio 786, acknowledging that they have fasted the entire month.  This event also acknowledges reverts who have fasted for the first time. They are also given a gift bag containing treats, educational material, and a prayer CD, encouraging the importance of education. Fasting during Ramadaan is incumbent on all Muslims; it teaches them compassion for others who are less fortunate, while strengthening their relationship with their Creator. While the Fasting for the Love of Allah event is a celebration of this lesson; it’s also a proud moment for children, and their family members.


Islamic Art:

Radio 786 has always been committed to encouraging the development of arts and culture in the community, and redressing the consequences of the past.

This resulted in an Islamic Art Exhibition showcasing the talents of Radio 786 staff members, featuring a selection of their paintings. Most staff members had never engaged with art before this initiative. In the run-up to the event, they attended art classes, hosted by one of the top Muslim artists in the community. Art pieces from the broader community were also on show. The event was attended by some recognised artists in the Muslim community and was covered on national television.

Following onto this we now also offer painting and calligraphy as an activity at all our fundraising events.


Others events include: Family Fun Day, Surf Walk, Business Breakfast, High Tea, Muharram Breakfast, Mass Moulood etc.