During its 20 years of existence, Radio 786 has trained presenters, programmers, producers and technicians in every aspect of broadcasting.  Radio 786 has the ability to produce a variety of programmes on every conceivable topic. 

Community radio is the one avenue which presents the Muslim and other disadvantaged communities with an opportunity to participate in the electronic media in all its facets.  More importantly, it affords the community the opportunity of learning e.g. how to manage a radio station etc. It is not easy to join the mainstream electronic media.  The mainstream media looks for experience which our community does not have, despite having the tertiary qualifications. The need to train people in every aspect of the electronic media is fulfilled by Radio 786, which has placed a strong emphasis on training.

If one considers the pace at which the electronic media is developing internationally and the impact of globalization, we reiterate that there is a dire need to expand the community broadcasting sector. For example, it cannot be the sole responsibility of the public sector to train journalists and to provide employment for them. Community broadcasting is an alternative source for producing broadcast skills and journalists. This development also affords and gives effect to the demographics of South Africa and will produce an electronic media which is more representative of South Africans.

Below we’ve listed some of our efforts in this regard:


Radio786 offers the following in-house training:

  • Technical Training: Outside broadcasts, Mixer, Sound production, Producing adverts
  •  Production: script writing, editing, packaging of programmes
  • Presenting: voice training, programme presenting, general presentation skills, elocution, voice projection, news reading
  • Marketing: events management, sales, proposal writing 

We also offer internships and Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of the Western Cape and Damelin College students have been doing internships with Radio 786.

June 16th (Youth Day)

Radio 786 invites youth who are interested in media to participate in their special coverage of June 16th. On this day, Radio 786 hands over its reigns (temporarily) to the youth who have been training at the station. The youth operate the station, from answering the phones at the reception desk, to providing content for the day’s broadcast. They also present programmes, and conduct interviews live on air. This bears testimony to the level of skills afforded to the community, in that teenagers are able to manage the functioning of a radio station for a day.     

Radio 786 acts as a training ground for up and coming journalists. Some of our trainees have moved on to commercial and state media entities. Many of our trainees and staff have been acknowledged and awarded for their work in the media field.