Radio 786’s interaction with its community allows for the participation of its listeners in the affairs of the station through programming, outreach projects, events, outside broadcasts, etc.

Such interaction and participation is done by the active involvement of the community in suggesting, developing, producing and presenting content-specific programmes. These are driven by members involved in community organisations, or who are professionals and specialists in a particular area. Content-specific programmes, for example, include health, sports, environment, labour, religious, women, disability, education and youth.  People that produce and host these programmes are sports coaches, health practitioners, religious leaders (Imams), workers from the informal sector and educators. Radio 786 supports such participants, by providing them with training in presentation, production and scripting skills.

For example, Radio 786’s partnership with organisations such as The Parent Centre, The Islamic Muslim Association, Young People @ Work etc.


The Parents Centre

Radio 786 has a monthly programme where social workers and psychologists from the Parent Centre are resident guests on an Early Childhood Development Programme focusing on parenting and children from six to sixteen years. The programme empowers parents to become more involved caregivers, while the content aimed at children, provides them with tools to become better adults and parents.


Islamic Medical Association (IMA)

Radio 786’s relationship with the IMA goes back to more than 10 years. The IMA provides Radio 786 with specialist guests in the medical field for programmes focusing on specific topics like gynaecology, child care, diabetes, mental illnesses etc. Listeners are given free advice to their specific problems, and are encouraged to interact with the experts by either calling into the programme, or sending an sms.


People’s Parliament  

This unique initiative of Radio 786 was born from its coverage in the run-up to the 2009 national elections. During the elections, political parties requested airtime for their election campaigns. Radio 786 decided to allow the community direct access to these political parties by broadcasting their messages directly to the people. Radio 786 organised outside broadcasts with political parties and the communities that they serve. Outside broadcasts were held at community halls, churches, town centres, etc. People were allowed to engage directly with political parties, and had the opportunity to ask the politicians pertinent questions about issues affecting them. These outside broadcasts were aired live. In this way, Radio 786 encouraged these stakeholders to engage with each other directly.   

This initiative was such a success that it went beyond the 2009 national elections. The community now looked to Radio 786 to provide them with this opportunity throughout the year.

People’s Parliament is now a part of Radio 786’s programming, it deals with issues of crime, abortion, gangsterism, land reform etc. These outside broadcasts in crime ridden areas on the Cape Flats, engage religious leaders, local councillors, the police, community organisations, schools, community clinics etc. to discuss issues affecting their communities.


Western Cape Education Department (WCED)

Radio 786’s Matric Revision programme has been broadcasted for the last 13 years and is targeted at matric learners. The programme is a revision and discussion about past examination papers, gives guidance on how to approach the examination, it gives advice to those taking the exams, and helps their parents to better assist their children during this period. The Radio 786 Matric Revision programme also dealt with the psychological aspects of the examination. Radio 786 staff, along with curriculum advisors and expert teachers, produce and present this programme. It was aired every broadcast day for three months leading up to the final matric examination. In 2009 the WCED approached Radio 786 with an interest in our Matric Revision Programme. The WCED funded the programme and allowed for it to be broadcasted to 12 community radio stations and Radio 2000 from the Government Communications and Information Services (GCIS) studios in Cape Town. Radio 786 is committed to working with various stakeholders in the interest of the community that it serves.



Radio 786 constantly interacts with its listener base and calls upon them to support charitable drives in the community.

To facilitate such events, the station has teamed up with organisations such as the Mustadafin Foundation, the South African National Zakah Fund, Muslim Hands, the League of the Friends of the Blind (LOFOB), ANEX (Activists Networking against the Exploitation of children), Habibia Orphanage, CANSA and Cape Mental Health amongst many others.


Since our inception the Radio station has given our organisation a platform to promote our causes and our projects. They helped us collect over R 20 000 for our new premises. Since then we have a fully functioning prayer area, medical centre and soup kitchen. Nazir Ahmed Parker, Chairman of the Zimasile Islamic Society, Langa.


Some of the charitable tasks undertaken with community involvement include:

  • helping fire victims in Langa, Manenberg, Khayelitsha, and other informal settlements
  • assisting in the raising of funds for organisations that fulfil essential functions in the community
  • Radio 786 played an active role in helping to raise much needed funds to realise the cochlear implants of Nur Mohammed Steenkamp (18 yrs old), Sumaya Petersen (three years old) and Nizarah Adams (four years old).
  • Radio 786 was approached by the Anti-War Coalition (Western Cape) to assist in raising funds, non-perishable food items, clothing, etc. for the families of the Marikana victims. 
  • Assisting sports clubs and individuals to realise their dreams by making tours possible by supporting initiatives to further sports development in our community.