The following extracts taken are from letters of support from the community. It is a reflection of the impact that Radio 786 has on the community and what the renewal of this licence would mean to these individuals and organisations.


“Radio786 is an integral part of the fabric of our daily community life and plays an extremely important and necessary role. This institution literally lived up to its mantra of educating, informing and uplifting the community…This radio station has no holy cows and harbours no loyalties to any organisations other than its listenership…no other broadcaster would be able to fill any void left by Radio 786 as they occupy a unique niche within the broadcasting spectrum” (Masjidul Jumu’ah Westridge Mitchell’s Plain – Mitchell’s Plain Islamic Society)


“Radio 786 has made a tremendous impact on its listeners through their thought provoking and transformational programmes  (Da’wah Academy)


“Our mosque is situated in the Southern Suburbs of the Western Cape. We primarily serves a large constituency that consist of the various sub economic housing developments in the surrounding area which includes certain parts of Lavender Hill, Cafda, Cuba Heights, Village Heights , Military Heights and Overcome Heights…

Radio 786 had also extended various communities outreach empowerment initiatives’ which have uplifted many sectors in our community which is welcomed and should be sustained”(Rahmaniyah Mosque)


“It is one of the most reliable news networks in South Africa and deserves renewal and positive support and commendation for its outstanding educational and publicity work.” (Julian Kunnie , Professor, Classics/ African Studies University of Arizona , USA)


“Our duahs to the Almighty is to grant you the success to be granted your permanent licence and hopefully your very own frequency and to open the eyes of the licence authorities to realized they are dealing with professional , intelligent and respectable people. People who have over the ears upheld your motto, to inform, educate and uplift…Your Management and very professional presenters really do justice to your high standard of broadcasting. What I really appreciate is you don’t waste precious time with non-beneficent programmes…

Your station truly educate and most important uplift communities. The programmes are informative including religious and thikr programmes. You are a real asset to the community.”(Palm Tree Mosque)


“There is no doubt in my mind, as I am sure is the case with most all others who have participated in their various programmes, that Radio 786 continues to provide a range of invaluable services to the community, as it has for the last 18 years. This is not only directly in line with the standards and principles set down in our country’s communications legislation/practice (specifically as applied to community radio stations) but also consistent with our collective rights to communication and information as set down in the Constitution. Nowhere can this be better realised than in relation to those communities – such as the ones served by Radio 786 – that rely heavily on such community radio stations for much of their news, current affairs and active/ citizen engagement with key issues of concern and impact.”(Dr. Dale T. McKinley)


I believe it essential to our constitutional commitment to religious tolerance and freedom of expression – and to the quality of our national debate - that Radio 786 continues to enjoy a license to broadcast“(Steven Friedman, Director, Centre for the Study of Democracy,Rhodes University/ University of Johannesburg) 


“In the spirit of impartial journalism Radio 786 has delivered upon its mandate to be of the foremost Community Radio mechanisms. Their rewarding service has always been available to the Aboriginal KhoiSan in our plight for restorative justice.” (IRASA Institute for the Restoration of the Aborigines of South Africa)


The democratic gains in this country have been long and hard fought for and the contribution of Radio 786 is a testimony that democracy is alive and well and thriving. It is one of the few gains that have been consistently maintained and indeed deserves to maintained in perpetuity. Long may the radio 786 continue to be part of our daily bread and butter.(Shaheed Mohammed, Secretary of the Workers International Vanguard Party)