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Radio 786 has built up its credibility as an impartial media house, providing extensive coverage to local and international events:


at a time when these farm workers needed to get their voices heard, Radio 786, was the only station that was willing to accommodate us and listen and simultaneously allow us an interaction with the audience. Enoch W Hohlo, Local government strategies and steering committee member of the Mawubuye Land Rights Forum


o   In the lead up to the elections, Radio 786 gave each political party equal airtime to discuss their respective manifestos. This gave the community access to political parties so that they could make informed decisions when voting.

o   Radio 786 also held round-table discussions with political parties, asking critical questions, and allowing the community to engage with political parties.

o   The ground breaking Radio 786 initiative, Peoples Parliament, where Radio 786 held live broadcasts in the poorer areas, and invited political parties to engage with the community.

o   On the day of the election, Radio 786 broadcasted live from the IEC headquarters in Cape Town. There it spent 16 hours, providing live coverage, interacting with electoral officials, and providing live updates on the progress of the elections.

o   It also had reporters stationed in various parts of the country, and locally, giving updates on the events at voting stations.

o   A similar approach was taken in the lead up to, and on the day of the election.

o   It also coincided with the occupation of land in Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain, where homeless backyarders and anti-land invasion officials clashed. Radio 786 was on the scene.


Radio 786 has also built-up a rapport with some of the top  local and international journalists and commentators, such as Prof Adam Habib , Prof Steven Friedman, Eusebius McKaiser, Prof. Franklin Lamb, Ramzy Baroud, Peter Lavelle, Roshan Mohamed Salih, Ayo Johnson and Alistair Crooke. These commentators provide Radio 786 listeners with a fresh and alternative perspective on current issues. It also gives Radio 786 listeners a first-hand account of the experiences of the foremost international journalists and commentators, which allows a previously disadvantaged community access to high quality information.


In my opinionRadio 786 is dedicated to exposing the truth about global and local injustices as well as its dedication to freedom, emancipation, and participatory politics. While I am a regular commentator on numerous international media outlets such as Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Press TV, BBC, CNN, and Sky News, I have a special respect for Radio 786. Hence, I strongly support the renewal of Radio 786s broadcasting licence. Seyed Mohammad Marandi, Associate Professor at the University of Tehran


All Radio 786’s programming provides the community with the opportunity to engage with events and issues of interest, or which affect them most. Radio 786 programming is therefore in line with its developmental strategy i.e. need, access, community involvement and participation.


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