As it celebrates its 18th anniversary, Radio 786 marks yet another milestone; the commencement of daily broadcasts!


The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) informed the station that it has also been awarded another permanent licence-term which lasts until 2018. 

Making the announcement on Friday 23 August 2013, the station was overwhelmed with SMSes and phone calls by elated listeners.  These are some of the comments:

Slmz. Mabrook on the wonderful achievement! May the Almighty guide 786 to being servants of the community and continue being the window of opportunity as you have so consistently done in the past, particularly for the youth. Shukran. Teacher at Rylands High, Goolam

Slms my affinity to radio 786 developed because the station bring issues to the fore that other radio stations and mainstream media avoids and I salute its management for their ethos based on the truth ....algamdulilah for the existence and continuation of the radio 786

Said Radio 786’s Station Manager, Rushni Allie: “Now our listeners will have access to content that is credible and truthful, all day, everyday on 100.4fm.”

She added that the station is already geared up to take on and expand its programme content with the additional hours of broadcast time. 

“Listeners have come to expect a certain quality of broadcast from Radio 786; now that we are broadcasting daily, we have a far better opportunity to live up to our mandate to inform, educate and uplift.” 

The station says its diverse offering of programme content and styles are aimed at drawing an expansive audience who appreciate frank discussion on pertinent issues. Radio 786’s breakfast show, NRA, is recognized for its high-profile offering, which has featured President Jacob Zuma and key government ministers. 

Its perennial Sports Desk programme has also garnered numerous awards, while its News and Current Affairs department is probably the only community media in South Africa to have achieved international awards and acknowledgment.

Radio 786 was launched in September 1995, having shared the 100.4fm frequency with fellow Muslim broadcaster, Voice of the Cape, for 18 years. Radio 786 believes the frequency 100.4fm has been the home of Cape Town’s Muslim community for the better part of two decades and will continue to be so.

Amien Ahmed, a former Radio 786 Station Manager, said the 100.4fm frequency “is now Radio 786’s permanent home.”

Licence holder, the Islamic Unity Convention’s chairperson, Mualima Mansura Afrika, thanked the IUC’s constituency, and the greater community for their continued support of Radio 786.