Radio 786’s approach remains unique. It serves both the educational, informational and cultural needs of the community. It has positioned itself as an alternative station, always striving to consider and approach issues in a fresh and interesting way, while also entertaining the diverse views and opinions of the community it serves.


Apart from simply reporting on issues, Radio 786 tries to understand the sociological matrix in which events occur and thus to inform the listeners of the solutions to those challenges. Radio 786’s credibility enables it to secure interviews with personalities and organizations that hold influence and can contribute to addressing those challenges.

Instead of placing its primary emphasis on audience ratings, the station strives to maintain a high standard of thoroughly researched programmes, which are produced and presented in consultation with specialists and experts from the community. Radio 786’s news and actuality, social welfare and other programmes therefore do not rely on sensationalism to achieve its goals.

Two examples illustrate this approach:

Radio 786 strives to maintain this approach in all of its programming, covering issues as holistically as possible. It has developed itself a niche market in this regard.

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