Twenty years after its inception, Radio 786 has become a vital part of the community it serves.  It is recognised for its quality programmes, well-polished presentation style, accomodation of diverse views and opinions, topical and often exclusive current affairs interviews and dealing with anything that affects its community, while opening such matters to public debate.


Radio 786 has the highest quality of programming and its technical staff and infrastructure are the best available in the market.  The Journalistic staff are beyond reproach and exhibit the highest standards of journalistic ethics and standards.  No other broadcaster would be able to fill any void left by Radio 786 as they occupy a unique niche within the broadcast spectrum.Rashaad Achmat, Secretary of Masjidul Jumuáh in Westridge, Mitchells Plain

Radio 786's development strategy is undepinned by:

  • fulfilling the educational and informational needs of the community,
  • access to the media,
  • involvement of the community in the workings of Radio 786, and
  • community participation in programming

Over the years, the station has faced a myriad if challenges, but it is the achievements that stand out.  Its guiding motto; to inform, educate, and uplift, is evident in every project undertaken by Radio 786.